TEST Discover your Brand Archetypes

A powerful quiz to give you insight into the soul and essence of your brand

Please answer the questions with your ideal business in mind - step into being your business, rather than you personally, where you can.
Answer the questions as best you can (the first answer is normally the best one), and submit your entry at the end.
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1. I love the idea of transforming something
2. I believe rules are meant to be broken
3. I believe in fairness and equality
4. My product/service offers lots of choices and variety
5. I often feel isolated from other people
6. People’s rights are important to me
7. Spirituality is a vital connection for me in my work and life
8. I would rather do something my own way than be popular
9. My friends are a very important part of my life
10. I love to reframe a situation or offer a new perspective
11. My product/service stands for something radical or different instead of blending in
12. I value creating connection and community
13. I believe in serendipity
14. My product/service makes people feel rebellious
15. I would much rather work together than alone