All the ways to get help

Track 1: Therapy & Healing for professionals & entrepreneurs using the powerful Core Release system
Track 2: Business foundations, architecture & design for therapists & healers

Profound Personal Transformation with Core Release™ Therapy & Healing

Powerful Core Release™  to tackle any single issue that you want to deal with once and for all.

♥ Imposter syndrome: That feeling that you aren’t quite good enough and someone’s going to find you out – even hwen you know you are the expert. It’s a real thing for so many professionals.
♥ Lack of confidence and self-belief
♥ Perfectionism: the scourge of business owners wanting to create magic and find themselves stalling, or putting it out there anyway and still feeling uncomfortable
♥ Procrastination rearing it’s head, even though you are passionate about what you are doing and how you are serving
♥ The visibility gremlins only too common for so many – all you want is the confidence to speak out, and stand up for what you stand for as the expert you truly are
♥ Self sabotage: There are so many ways we can sabotage our success – you know what they are for you

🌀1 x 90 minute Zoom Core Release session to free you from the unconscious blocks and beliefs
🌀1 x45 minute distance real-time healing to release at the levels of the physical and energetic body
🌀Messenger or Voxer support between the sessions

Of course  I can not promise that a single set will be enough – often there are many layers, but equally, there are times when a single set is all that’s needed, so get click the link below to get started.

There is absolutely no commitment at this exploratory stage

A programme of powerful, online Core Release™ sessions with Cathy, to work through and gently release any fears, behaviours or ways of being that are not supporting the level of confidence and success you deserve

♥ fears of presenting, speaking or speaking out
♥ money sabotaging behaviour, upper earnings limit, or reluctance to discuss pay
♥ playing small when you know you are the expert
♥ holding back in meetings or in expert forums

🌀3 x 90 minute Zoom Core Release sessions to free you from the unconscious blocks and beliefs
🌀1 x 45 minute distance real-time healing to release at the levels of the physical and energetic body
🌀Messenger or Voxer support between the sessions

Together we can dissolve and banish these for good so you can step forward with confidence and own your expertise in all circumstances – and it will feel amazing.

-This is not coaching – this is not mindset work – this is the deep work that leads to lasting and beautiful transformation-

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Taking one-to-one therapy and healing to the next level,  It’s like a Deep Cleanse and Release for the mind and soul; a powerful and tailored bundle of amazingness that will have you stepping into the mindspace of the life-changing expert that you are.

Click the button below to arrange a pressure-free chat to see if the Deep Release Programme is perfect for you

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A 30 minute powerful distance healing session and insightful debrief.
If you are in need of clarity or motivation, or just have a tricky decision to make, then Distance Healing using the wonderful Rei-Ki life force energy can lead you back to 

♥ Clarity of Direction
♥ A sense of calm & Peace,
♥ Insights & Ahas,
♥ Healing & release of overwhelm

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Four FULL distance Healing Sessions using the wonderful Rei-Ki life force energy.
Working at the levels of
♥ Physical
♥ Emotional & mental
♥ Connection to self & others

This is a beautiful way to come back into harmony and balance with yourself and heal in so many ways.

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The Business Design Lab: Aligned Business Architecture, Design & Strategy

A 10 minute, free quiz to give you massive insight into the personality to project as your brand in all of your marketing materials.

♥ Your archetypes instantaneously connect you with what you and your business are fundamentally about
♥ So you can finally understand and communicate your uniqueness
♥ Hello Mojo!

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If you are not 100% clear on who you serve, or fluctuate from one ideal client to another – the last thing you need is yet another ‘client-avatar’ exercise, right?
Instead, I have a very different way for you: –

A guided visualisation that will bring you face to face with your perfectly aligned client
♥ Gives you a deep level of clarity and a real feeling of knowing your dream clients
♥ A journalling exercise to bring this knowing out of your head and onto paper
♥ Creating something you can use in your marketing messaging which speaks directly to your aligned clients

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A powerful bundle of 1-1 mentoring and support with Cathy to brainstorm or work through any aspect of your business that you are looking to resolve or create

Consists of a half-day deep-dive design & strategy session on Zoom, two more 90 minute private Zoom brainstorm sessions, and Messenger or Voxer support between calls as you implement. This is where a lot of the magic happens

♥ Niche clarity
♥ Business model & product/service suite design
♥ Aligned marketing strategy design
♥ Supporting materials provided
♥ Messenger support between sessions
♥ and love – let’s not forget love

Tailored for you within the flexible structure of the Business for the Soul™ Framework
Request a chat first so that we can find out what will be best for you – there’s no pressure and if I will even recommend something else if I believe it serves you best

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From ‘no clue what to charge’ to knowing in your bones you have the right price and totally comfortable speaking about your prices.
This impactful training will have you charging what your services are worth without compromising your values

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A powerful 60-90min call where together we create the niche that’s perfect for you right now, taking your unique skills, experience, values and passions, you may be very surprised at what comes up – and just how much you are going to love it!

A niche isn’t something ‘out there’ that you choose – it’s yours to create, and it grows with you and your business.

So whether you already have an established niche, but you are looking to shift things up a bit, or you feel you’ve been flitting between ideas, or even if you are not yet in business, and are looking to escape the corporate humdrum to create a business and life that fills you with excitement – this session is for you.

I’ve been doing this for a very long time – let me guide you and co-create with you and your uniqueness

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Where do you even start to design your next programme?

How do you structure your programme to give your clients just what they need, focused on a specific outcome, without overwhelming them with ‘all-the-things’?

How do you fit all your offerings into a coherent suite of programmes that serve your clients at each stage of their journey, and still serve your revenue goals?

A powerful 60-90min call where together we brainstorm the design of yoru next life-changing programme.

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You’ve got your niche and your programmes sewn up.
You know who you serve, what they are struggling with, what they are wanting, and the outcome they get from working with you.
So how do you go about designing a marketing strategy that works for you, for where you are in flow and fits with your ideal client?

Your inbox, and your social media feeds are full of solutions, right?
Everything from a $7 per month membership, through to $10,000 programmes, all very often based on the idea of ‘this worked for me, here are the steps for you to do the same’.

But you are not the same, and neither are your clients. 
Where on Earth do you start? How do you get clarity on the best direction for you? It can all be so overwhelming, can’t it?

A powerful 60-90min call where together we brainstorm an approach that will work for you and your clients.
And we will map it out at a high level, so you a foundation to work from and implement it in stages.

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