What my clients say…

Just over a year ago I invested what seemed like a significant amount of money in a business development programme for therapists with Cathy Simmons.

I’m nearing my year end and realising that I have netted that amount invested by a further £40k+ in just a year (and if I include my Cog Hyp work then its significantly higher).

I could tell myself that I already had the contacts, a programme and a method, or that it was one thing that I did that Cathy suggested that led to this. But the truth is it was a combination of things that Cathy helped me to package and deliver in a way that is congruent with me and successful – very simple things that just have helped me to fly.

Working with Cathy has meant that I am struggling to find the time to finish off my programme with her. I am busier than I could ever have imagined, working with both private and corporate clients.

Niki Lawal

“Cathy’s Flourish programme has been invaluable in bringing my vision (which I’ve held for years), of helping more people suffering with chronic pain, into reality…in just a few months!

It can seem like a struggle to see a vision through to fruition, especially when you feel you’re doing it all on your own. Being guided by a phenomenally successful therapist and ethical businesswoman like Cathy, who has “been there and done it”, has helped me keep focused on what’s important.

I used to feel I just didn’t have the time to juggle life and do all the things I felt I needed to do, to take my business in this direction. Now, with Cathy’s support, gentle nudging and insightful suggestions, I invest my energy sensibly on key areas she has helped me identify.

Incredibly, month on month since I joined the Flourish programme, I’m helping more and more people break through pain and revenue has continued to steadily increase. AND, whilst I’m CONSISTENTLY BUSIER than I’ve ever been…I also find I have MORE FREE TIME to enjoy my life!!

If you have a vision or even a spark of an idea, Cathy’s Flourish programme could be exactly what you need to make it happen!

Sheren Gaulbert

“When I first started working with Cathy on Flourish, I had been practising as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist for approximately 3 years seeing approximately 12-15 clients per week, and also working as a Leadership Development Trainer and Coach. I had also previously run another business, a limited company for 7 years turning over approximate £250k per year.

So, I had all the basic business systems in place (bank account, accountant, premises etc). I knew how to run a business day to day. What I needed was someone to help me take my business(es) to a different place. Things were going well but it/I didn’t feel good about it.

I felt pulled in different directions; lacked clarity about what I wanted to do; and although positively overwhelmed with the things my clients were achieving through our work together, was starting to feel a little burnout and resentful at times. Like many of us I would go the extra mile with my time with clients. So what with the long client-facing hours and even longer hours, writing wordweaving scripts, creating bespoke MP3s….it was becoming difficult to carve time out for me and my family. Sometimes if felt like I was helping everyone else….to my detriment. I loved what I was doing AND I needed to find a better balance.

As I type this I realise that is exactly what is happening now.

The first session with Cathy focussed on developing my Vision and Strategy. There was a lightbulb moment for me halfway through the morning session when we did some work on identifying my |deal Client, and I realised the hypnotherapy clients I most loved working with were actually women leaders.

We then explored what sort of work I was doing when I was most ‘in flow’: what were the recurring themes around this. When I realised the root of most issues that these clients presented with was much the same – the sweet spot for me just emerged.

Leadership Magic for Women was born: a new 1:1 coaching programme to help women leaders explore and develop self-awareness, manage their internal dialog, learn to perceive themselves differently, so they can lead with ease and confidence, do it well, and actually enjoy it!

Leadership Magic combines every aspect of everything I love doing and pulls my two businesses together as one. Cathy helped me to design a package that achieved my professional and personal goals and then to build a marketing strategy around this.

We continue to work on rolling out the marketing strategy, and Cathy has introduced to some amazing systems and people, as part of this process, creating opportunities and connections that I couldn’t have imagined.

I am recognising that in just a few short months, I have not only grown my business, but one of the unexpected benefits is that am building my general therapy practice and overall business in a much more sustainable way. I am freeing, up time, in all sorts of ways (including reviewing my pricing strategy for my general therapy practice to reflect a greater sense of the value I contribute) that allow me to have a better life balance and also concentrate more time on marketing and delivering my new programme.

I have more knowledge about the technical side of things too, and am much more confident about deciding what to do myself and what to outsource. In the past when I didn’t know how to do something I would just sit on it. It just wouldn’t get done! Now as opposed to procrastinating, if I don’t know how to do something I can get a clear sense of what’s involved from Cathy (often with detailed tuition) decide whether I have the time or inclination to do it myself or to outsource it. Armed with the knowledge from Cathy about what is involved, I make far better judgements about who to outsource to – learning from Cathy’s experience and awareness of pitfalls etc.

It’s been an incredible journey so far: I feel like I have found what I was looking for and it gives me such a buzz”el so healthy and happy, no longer a prisoner to the cigarette. I really never thought it could happen!

Nike Lawal

I saw Cathy in May this year. I had tried all methods to giving up smoking but never succeeded. I needed to stop for health reasons but there was a big part of me that loved smoking and didn’t really 100% want to.

I spent a Friday morning with Cathy, she was so lovely and easy to talk to. Our session lasted about 2 to 3 hours, I have no idea how long as we just chatted. In the last half hour we did some hypnosis, really more listening and doing exercises Cathy asked me to.

I left, and normally the first thing I would do when I got into my car would be to light up. This time I didn’t and 6 months later still haven’t!

I was a 20 a day smoker. Everyone says ‘well done Liz, you have done so well’ but it hasn’t been difficult at all. I still can’t believe it. My partner smokes and it just does not bother me. I am not a reformed wave my arms in the air non-smoker. It is the strangest thing, I look at smokers and think “why would you: and that is that!”

Cathy was truly amazing, a number of friends who have seen her since have also quit.

My fear was putting on weight, to which we addressed and I haven’t put a pound on.

Thanks to Cathy and her magical way I feel so healthy and happy, no longer a prisoner to the cigarette. I really never thought it could happen!



I found Cathy warm and approachable and I felt very safe with her. We focused on a pretty difficult issue in the session and yet I came out of it feeling very light and open which was quite a revelation. I’d been considering training in Cognitive Hypnotherapy myself and it was as a result of the session with Cathy that I decided to go ahead.

It was a decision I’m glad I made and I’m very grateful to Cathy for inspiring me.



Thank you SO much for your help and support. You have a wonderful gift of seeing through all my babbling to pick out the important points and I feel I know exactly what needs to be done now to move my business to the next level. Thank you.

Irene Irving

I have just completed Cathy's 3 Weeks to Marketing Clarity programme. I can't recommend this enough. I have a clear vision and felt immensely supported and looked after.

I have worked out the best ways for me to utilise my skills as well as ensuring I attract the clients that I can authentically help.

It is very intense, but you have the option to fit it in your life at the speed that is right for you. Brilliant and very productive use of my time.

Giselle Monbiot

This is a brilliant course and has changed how I work with smokers. I have a 100% success rate and only one client has needed a second session, the rest have all done it in one (longer) session.

I would be interested in a refresher (always great to connect to good content), just depends on the when etc. If you are thinking of dong this – think no longer – it is well worth it.

Carole Samuda

I loved working with clients in the therapy room, but everything about getting clients, selling myself, finance, techie things etc., took me well out of my comfort zone.

I questioned whether it was too late for me.

In terms of marketing and sales, by starting off working with approaches that I feel comfortable with and sampling some  success, my confidence is increasing and I can now feel the desire to be more (appropriately) adventurous in the future!

I now truly believe that age is just a number and that I have a lot to give….no one can stop me but myself!

I feel less fear… more calm… more courage… and surprised at some of the things I have done and achieved so far!

So many people would gain from this programme in so many areas making a difference.

Christina Young-Wootton

What did I get from the [Smoking cessation] training?
a) made me feel prepared to handle resistance, triggers, cues. As a non smoker I felt I wasn't ‘qualified'
b) I got confidence from the training in my understanding and my ability to help clients
c) as a fairly new qualified hypnotherapist I've gained masses from the course, not just for smokers.



I feel more equipped, more confident, more hopeful. I’m aware of so many things that I wouldn’t have bee, and it’s made me feel enthusiastic about doing this work.

Yes – it’s work I want to be doing.

Eve Parminter


Congratulations to Cathy on winning Therapist of the Year 2015 – she so deserves it! There are only a few people in the Coaching/Therapy world who are willing to work in the challenging field of addictions and so few therapists who have the depth of understanding and expertise that Cathy has. It is really important work that she does. I think it’s wonderful that she fully understands the nature of addiction and that she is now sharing this with other therapists. She is truly, as they say, making a difference Nikki Vee

Master Coach Mentor to the APCTC

The support and treatment I received from Cathy was invaluable to my personal life. Depression and anxiety consumed and crippled every aspect of it before visiting her.

Cathy made me realise that our thoughts and emotions don't have to control us if we don't want them to, and she introduced me to so many empowering methods for taking control of the reins of my life. Not only that, Cathy taught me the ways our mind and body works relative to the issues we face in our lives and she provided me with the relevant treatment to empower and set me free!

Before seeing her, I was on autopilot; I felt completely at the mercy of my thoughts, emotions and consequently, the events that would then manifest in my life.

The first session was was a breakthrough enough, let alone the life-changing treatment that followed. There is no exaggeration here, I was a different person after seeing Cathy and now I have all the tools I need to address aspects of my life that previously felt out of my control. I haven't experienced depression since, and my anxiety is now at my mercy – not the other way around.


The sessions I had with you had such a profound impact on me, I don’t think I would be where I am now and as happy as I am now if I hadn’t found my assertiveness and confidence again. It is really funny, in the first week of my new job I had to present to about 50 people at the company offsite on what my role was and what my team did and I absolutely loved it.

I absolutely love doing presentations now, I find them a great way of communicating and helping people and I don’t for a second think about what anyone is thinking of me. It has been like peeling onions and I find that new layers come off every day especially at work when I do something new for the first time L.J.


Giving up smoking with Cathy was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Even on the day I gave up I still wasn’t sure if it was what I wanted.

3 years on and I can’t believe how tightly I held onto the habit and more importantly how fantastic it is for me and my family to not have to worry about the dangers of continuing.

Cathy’s style is very flexible. I can’t thank her enough.

Jill T

I came to Cathy to sort out a few issues mainly being social phobia, low self-esteem and motivation. The techniques that she used were very practical and easy for the subconscious to digest which I think is vital when considering hypnotherapy.

We also touched on EFT – Emotional Freedon Technique – which has proved to be very effective with immediate results, plus I can even practise it on the bus to work!

I would recommend Cathy to anyone and everyone! Her kind nature is motivating and inspiring and has had a great impact on me and I’m sure many others. I feel confident, motivated, sociable and more in control of my life after only two sessions. If you are considering hypnotherapy, NLP or EFT, I strongly suggest you to look no further!