Dancing with the Universe
Cathy Simmons

I knew something was stirring when the same message kept coming to me from several different places.

A stranger on the street collecting for hot meals for the homeless gave me a book on meditation; my partner came home with a story of meditation.

A Facebook live about the lunar eclipse and the full moon, where the hostess pulled a card for me, calling me to meditation and prayer.

She talked about getting ready for Mercury in retrograde by setting clear intentions for clarity in communications.

So I started setting my intentions – “Please may technology run perfectly smoothly.  Let our communication channels be clear and unambiguous.  Help me to listen and hear and to allow myself to ride the waves both up and down”.

The next day I had a call with my business mentor.
You see, I was feeling a tad overwhelmed!
I had soooo many ideas as to the next thing to offer in my business, I was getting paralysed into inaction!
So – she challenged me to step back and start living according to my intuition.  To stop ‘working out’ what should be next, what makes most sense and planning to the nth degree.

And what that means is to tune into that small voice inside.
“OK – I’m up for that”, I said, totally unaware of where this would lead!

I started saying ‘Yes’ to my intuition.  I finally accepted that from where I am sitting I have no idea of the bigger picture; what God or the Universe has planned and what my place in all of that is.
I let go of my inner control freak – yes, very scary!

Dancing with the Universe

I started doing strange, new things, like beginning a yoga practice.  Not the one I had before where I felt I had to do it, and ended up hurting far more than it should, but a brand new one, exactly at the right level for me, where after 20 minutes I feel amazing, energised and ready for the day.
I started listening to all those wonderful meditations I’d gathered up over the years.

This is a GREAT place from which to ‘hear’ your intuition.

I dropped the ‘have-tos’ around earning money.

The “I have to do a Facebook Live” and “I have to design an email sequence” or “I need to update my optin pages” or “I need to start promoting my online trainings again”.

Dropped the lot and just ….. asked ….. and ….. listened.

I went for walks when I wanted, ate when I wanted, did yoga when I wanted, and somehow, as if by magic, all of my client calls fitted perfectly in this new flow.

And one by one, all the little beliefs started making themselves known, the obstacles to playing bigger. Some that I thought I’d banished years ago, and others that were a complete surprise became clear, and one by one, dealt with (and is still going on).

And, even more bizarrely, the money started flowing.   An invoice I’d forgotten to send. Unexpected share dividends appeared, people buying my online programmes without me promoting them, unexpected affiliate commission payments – and so it went. All through the week (and it’s not stopped yet).

Don’t get me wrong.  This isn’t me sitting back and doing nothing, instead it has been about inspired action.
Action, despite not entirely knowing where it is going – I guess that’s faith.

Can you imagine how strange that is to this control-freak?  To start taking inspired action even when I don’t know where it’s leading?


And, even more bizarrely, the money started flowing
So, what got created? Something I’ve wanted to do for so long.

You see, I’m on a bit of a mission. I want to be a part of raising the level of excellence in therapy in any way I can. There are so many people out there living their lives in pain, fear and unhappiness, and yet there are so many amazing therapists and coaches who can help them step into a fulfilled life.

How can I contribute? Well – I love bringing people together. I love sharing technology and tools and helping to make therapists’ lives and practices easier. I love bringing them excellent trainings and fabulous mentors. Great systems and software, gadgets and gizmos, and to share how to put all of these together in a way that works. I love helping and supporting excellent therapists.

And so I’m creating a platform for all of this.

The THERAPODIUM is born!

And, while the website itself is forming, the community has already started. I could have waited for everything to be perfect and in place, but that’s not what that inner voice was screaming!

If you are a therapist (or training) I would love to invite you into the THERAPODIUM community. A place (in Facebook) where we can share all these wonderful tools, gizmos, trainings and excellent resources for excellent therapists.

If you are a therapist, I would love to invite you to come on in – to become a founder member and help shape the community and the resources that will be building up.

It doesn’t cost a bean, so please go to this group https://www.facebook.com/groups/Therapodium/  and ask to Join.

I’ll see you in there.

Oh – nearly forgot! Why the title ‘Dancing with the Universe’?

Last night I was on a Facebook live, with the same lady,  where she pulled another card for me – the Lord Shiva, together with an invitation to ‘Dance with the Universe’, and I realised that this completely sums it up. This is exactly what I’m doing – learning to dance with the Universe.

So, here’s to learning to dance – I’m loving it so far.

And I’d love to see you in the Therapodium community here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Therapodium/

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