A Day of Voxer Coaching & Mentoring

A whole day of "Cathy on Tap" for Heart-led Business Owners
to clarify your niche and message,
design your next powerful package or programme
or do some serious troubleshooting

Here's What yOu CAN USE The Day (and My Brain) FOR

Having and running a business on your own isn't just about marketing (important though that is).

Doing the marketing without having rock solid clarity about the services you offer and a super clear message to the world, is just wasted time and money down the drain. 

My superpower is helping heart-led business owners to get clear on theirs, and to help them craft beautiful offerings that make a massive difference in the world.

You can have me on tap, in your pocket, for an entire six hours in a day of Voxer for any ONE of the following:

Crystal Clarity on your Niche or Message

A deep dive into your uniqueness and who and how it can help the most.
This is NOT a 'client avatar' exercise, but it's a real understanding of where to position your services that will make the most impact and have you working in an area that fills you with joy.

Create a clear message that feels deeply authenthic to you and your business, and radiates the value of your services in a way that speaks to the clients you can serve the best  

Design your next Powerful programme

Using a tried and tested process, together we craft a way of offering your services that serves your business well and gives your clients the best possible results, while working in a way that feeds your soul.
It's win/win

Intuitive Troubleshooting™

If you know that something isn't working as smoothly as it could in your business but just can't put your finger on it, then this is the session you want

I use Intuitive Troubleshooting™,  an approach and a technology that I developed over a number of years that has never let me down so far 

We will find out which area of your business needs the most attention right now, and drill down on it to pinpoint the culprit

We unstick it and you will leave with a clear plan to move forward


Oh my goodness - I *LOVE* this way of coaching.

Who knew, when I started the experiment that it would work so amazingly well?

So - how does it all work?

  • We will use Voxer, which is a free messaging app, allowing audio and text.
    You'll just need to download the Voxer app on your 'phone, set up a free account, and you're good to go. (You can use it on a desktop browser too)
    Once you've booked, we'll get you all set up - it's super easy

  • Rather than having a single concentrated session on Zoom, you get access to me for an entire 6 hours, and we send each other messages back and forth

  • The great thing is that we don't need to be glued to our 'phones for the entire time. Life flows.
    You can take the dog for a walk, feed the kids, all the other things that demand your attention in the day

  • And the huge benefit is that there is time for reflection - I cannot emphasise the importance of this enough!

  • In between chats you can go off and implement there and then, and then come back into the conversation

  • The whole day flows beautifully and I swear we get far more done than we would in a single Zoom call...

  • ... at a fraction of the cost (for now!)  As this is still in the experimental stage (the experment has been phenomenal so far!), I am offering this at the ridiculously low investment of just £197 for the next few available days only.
    It seriously won't be at this level for very long at all - and this is *not* false scarcity


This experience has been a Game Changer!

Thank you Cathy, that was the most productive and energising day I have had for a long time

I'm openly avoidant when it comes to developing my business ideas and designing packages, as I'd much rather be in the therapy room. To be able to bounce ideas, receive timely feedback, let that percolate and then organically grow my ideas has been so positive and powerful. 

The main benefits have been simply knowing that I had Cathy on tap today, meaning that I too dedicated the day, and importantly, my focus on tackling an area of my business. 

I was then able to take each piece of feedback and guidance and actively develop it TODAY, rather than finish a coaching session or workshop with a 'to-do' list that then didn't get done. 

By the end of my time with Cathy I had actioned the feedback, catapulting me much further forward than I had anticipated. 

I have achieved so much in just one day

The other benefit being that as I drafted content, played around with prices/packages, I could read it or send it to her for further input reducing the usual delays of emailing and waiting for a response, then finding my motivation all over again. 

It was quick, seamless and pain-free!! 

The combination of audio and text messages worked really well, and it was really motivating knowing Cathy was on-hand waiting for my next message or question. 

I cannot thank you enough Cathy, this experience has been a game changer

Cathy is easy to work with, highly engaged and super responsive. It was like having a coach in my pocket, she was cheerleading me all the way

Kate Choppen - Day of Voxer Client

Kate Choppen

Black Dog Therapy

(You want to be watching Kate - the programme she created on our Day of Voxer  is pretty wonderful in a new, exciting and very much needed field!)


what's Included in the Day?

6 Hours of access to me on Voxer, from 10:00am - 4:00pm UK time
We'll get you set up on Voxer in advance if you're not already on there. Easy!

STILL AT AN 'experiment' Price
For the NEXT few places only


one time payment

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