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Cathy Simmons

Turn Your Services into Sizzling, Irresistible Offers


Creating High-Converting offers for Heart-Led BusinessEs who want More Sales without compromising their values
using neuromarketing & ethical buyer psychology

You know that what you do changes lives and you 100% believe in what you offer and yet…

  • You want  to know how to sell MORE of your life-changing services
  • You already have an offer, but it’s not selling as well as you’d like. It’s life-changing, it’s amazing value so why is it not selling?
  • You have a funnel that’s not converting
  • Or you have a programme ready to launch and you want to turn it into an irresistable offer so it sells like crazy as soon as you launch

It’s Time To Rock Your Offer & ROCK YOUR SALES

Rock Your Offer: DiagnosTIC

Got an offer that just isn’t selling? Even though you know it’s life-changing?

How can you even begin to fix this if you don’t know what’s causing the problem?
In this Offer Audit, I use the exclusive Persuasion Audit Diagnostic Tool to analyse your offer against 26+ data points, diagnose the root cause of low sales,

and identify the most mission-critical elements to address which, when optimised, will supercharge your offer.
Diagnostic Audits for your Funnel, your Communication and your online Influence are also available.

starting at


Rock Your Offer: REMEDY

So, you’ve identified the mission-critical elements to address in your offer that will make ALL the difference to get your offer selling.

Now you can get my personal help to apply the Ethical Persuasion Remedies that turn your offer into a compelling YES for your ideal clients for far MORE SALES.  I will show you exactly what changes to make  that get your service selling like hot cakes

You don’t have to decide now; wait to see what we uncover with the Diagnostic Tool, and, of course, when you choose this option, your Diagnostic fee will be taken off the price of the Remedy (for the same offer)

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Rebecca Hawkes

Confidence and Pricing Coach for Social Media Managers

 Cathy Simmons

Business Architect, Business Therapist
& Specialist in Ethical Buyer Psychology

Hi, I’m Cathy, and I help established, heart-led, specialist businesses turn their life-changing services into offers that fly off the online shelves..
.. and transform existing, low-converting offers into sizzling, irresistable ones that effortlessly sell without compromising your values.

Using a unique combination of Business Architecture, Business Therapy and the Psychology of ethical sales and marketing, I help them elevate their specialism to the next level of business and impact.

Qualifying as a therapist in 2007, after more years in Investment Banking IT and Architecture than I’m going to admit to here, means I have the business grounding AND the ability to do the deep work when the unconscious gremlins strike and over the years I’ve helped many hundreds of specialists and trainers turn their businesses around and create even more magic in their field of specialism



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I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about working with me or the services and programmes I offer. Please drop me an email at

Phone: 0207 419 7915