When times get hard or we hit blips along the way in our therapy business, what is it that keeps us going?

If you know me or have read my ‘5 steps to a Flourishing Therapy Practice’, then you already know that I do suggest getting in touch with your ‘Big Why’, in other words, to reconnect with your deep reason(s) for wanting to help people by sharing your unique skills.

Our ‘Big Why’ can be what keeps us going, reminding us of the difference we want to make to the world, and the difference we want to make to OUR world; everything that is important to us about our work.

But does this ‘Big Why’ have to be an overarching passion? Do we need to deeply know our life purpose?

What if I don’t have a Big Vision?


A few weeks ago I was at a weekend training where everyone was asked about their big vision, in other words, what is it that we wanted to create next? It was a time to think big and not hold back and describe the most amazing thing we would love to create.

And there in that room was the beginning – the birth – of many incredible things that will be created in this world – I have no doubt.

… but there were many who just wanted to create something small right now. People who didn’t have a massive world-changing project in their vision yet, and people who had already created wonderful things and were living and working IN them now.

When I started in practice, I knew I wanted to help smokers get free, but I also wanted to help people with other things – anything that would make a positive difference to people’s experience of life, but I am so thankful that I didn’t wait until I knew my life-purpose before starting up

Allow it to evolve – and enjoy the process


By starting in practice, by working with more people, we begin to realise what it is that we love, and who it is that we love to serve.

As we get more experienced, learn more around our subject, our passion can grow. Who’d have known that I would become an addiction expert? Who would have known back then how much I love supporting other therapists?

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big believer in sharing your passion and following your purpose and I am constantly inspired by those who are creating world changing things, and I would like to suggest that maybe, just maybe, the journey we are on is part of that discovery.

… and that’s quite exciting, isn’t it?

If you are not yet sure of your purpose, or feel that you don’t have the ‘required’ passion to create a specific thing or service, then maybe that really is OK. It is a great place to be, with an exciting journey – not just ahead of you, but an exciting journey that you are already on.

So, instead of searching out there for your big ‘thing’ ask yourself these questions:- 

“What impact is it that I want to make right now, in MY world, and in THE world?”
“Why is it that I want to make this impact?”
“Who is it that I want to serve right now?”

And you may be surprised that what you are looking for is already inside you.


The impact we make right now can have far further reaching implications than you may even know, helping more people in a deeper way than you can know at this moment in time, and it could just lead to discovering your true passion, sooner than you thought.

And if you already have a world-changing vision, and an overarching passion, then I truly do wish you abounding success. You are in an amazing place and I would love to hear all about it.

Let me know in the comments what impact you would like to make in the world or in YOUR world right now – I would love to hear.