Good News for Spiritually-Minded Entrepreneurs

Want a clear routemap to 'unstick' your business
without the overwhelm?

I've been at that stuck place so I totally get it

You are a seeker – an explorer of new ways to make a difference in the world, with a spiritual side that just can’t be ignored and you’ve been running your business for a while.

Maybe you’re from a Corporate background and are running your business to answer the call of your soul – making a difference is more important to you than just making money – but hey – can’t we do both?

You know that what you have to offer is amazing and it changes lives, after all you’ve seen the results for your clients – so why isn’t the business going as well as you’d hoped?

Does it feel like you’ve hit a brick wall in your business growth and just can’t see how or why?

Do you think it’s more leads you need, or maybe a funnel, or perhaps the elusive magic ‘marketing strategy’ that you can follow and it would just work?

Have you ever frozen in front of your laptop screen, not knowing what thing to do next – post more?  Send an email? Run an advert?

And yet other times seem like a manic flurry of activity, running around like an octopus on rollerskates and *still* not seeming to get very far.

Maybe it’s time to change up your offering, or create a brand new programme – or perhaps more qualifications…  (nooooooo!)

Ugh! It’s just so hard to know

How on earth do you know what to look at first? Especially if you are sick of just throwing stuff (and money) at marketing solutions, only to end up back in the same place of not knowing what your income is going to be from one month to the next

Good news - there is hope!

Imagine for a moment having someone (well, me to be precise 😉) pull back the curtain on the parts of your business that are keeping it from growing and point the finger very clearly at all the things that need to shift to get you back on the path to your goals.

The good news is that I have an Online Business Audit that does exactly that and you are going to LOVE it. 💜

Because before you start throwing your precious time and money at all-the-solutions, you need to have a real handle on what areas of the business need tweaking.

Aaaaaaaand you may even find that a lot of what you are doing is already spot on – with just a couple of things needing tweaking to move that needle – or you could be missing out an entire crucial step that is going to make ALL the difference.

But how can you possibly know until you’ve had someone scan through all areas of your business to spot the things that need doing urgently?

It's time to



Currently at its lowest introductory price of £97, I have opened just a handful of slots at this price for October

As a Certified Conscious Consultant, I’m using an approach that has been proven with some of the biggest names, and many smaller businesses, too.

An approach that looks at the five crucial pillars of a thriving business:

▶ Research, Strategy, Marketing, Operations and Mindset

I won’t be keeping it at this price for ever, and once the slots are gone for October there won’t be any more until I decide to open it up again.

Seriously, this audit is so good, you want to grab one of the spaces now, while you can. There has never been a better time than now  – can you really afford to wait any longer?

So, how does it work?

💜 We start with a few simple pre-audit questions that will help me get the context of what you want to achieve the most.

💜 Then we get together on Zoom and I take you through each of the crucial pillars of business, in a structured way

💜 Yes, the proven set of questions have helped some of the *biggest* names get clarity – only this time it’s YOU getting the clarity as we home in on exactly which actions you need to focus on next to really move the needle.

💜 We cover the five main essential areas of your business including: Research, Strategy, Marketing and Operations

💜 And, of course, Mindset – specifically identifying any energetic bocks that are slowing you down, holding you back or stopping you getting to the level of business you long for

This is perfect for you right now if

What you'll get

What will be different after the audit?

You will know the priority areas to work on next in your business that will make the biggest difference to your growth and success

You’ll have the next steps to help you get there, so you you can start working on them immediately with the confidence that you have the right focus.

You’ll know what is working well – feels good to know there’s no need to tweak these and you can stop wasting time on the stuff you’ve already got spot on

You’ll have clarity on any mindset or energy blocks slowing you down or holding you back from the success you crave

And if you want further support to make the changes happen easily, I’ll give you all the options


Ready for CLARITY?

Here's how to get your audit

Meet your Business Best Friend

Hello, I'm Cathy

Online Business Consultant, healer and therapist to spiritually-minded entrepreneurs and fellow seekers.

I’m on a mission to help more entrepreneurs and corporate escapees design a business that is an expression of their purpose and make it happen in the real world.

You want to make a difference in the world and you want to do it without selling your soul or leaving out your spiritual side.
Let’s do this together and design a beautiful business that changes lives and gives the fulfilment you long for

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"Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness."

— Oprah Winfrey