Attention Online Programme Creators

Ready to take the first step to an Irresistible Offer without compromising your values?

By the end of our session I had SO much clarity


if you need someone to help turn your thinking around and sharpen up your offer she’s a flippin’ genius


I had a 1:1 Offer Audit with Cathy and  it was really powerful.  


With exclusive use of the eye-opening Marketing Audit Tool, we can diagnose the root cause of a low-performing offer and identify the most mission-critical elements to address to 

supercharge your offer – without compromising your values

Does this sound familiar?

Low-Converting Offer

You have an amazing programme that changes lives - and yet it's not converting

Don't know where to start

No idea where to even start to fix it

Not willing to compromise your values

Authenticity is important to you, so you just won't use those icky tactics

It's frustrating...

Your amazing, life-changing programme is just not selling as well as you’d like – even though you know there are eyes on your offer and people are clicking through to the sales page.

So why is your offer not performing as you’d like it to?

And how on earth do you find out what will fix it?

Where do you start?

It’s beginning to feel like this whole online selling thing is sooo much harder than you thought.

Time to turn confusion into clarity

Diagnose the ROOT CAUSE of low sales with a proven, systematic audit

When we are operating below par, we don’t go straight into treatment until we know exactly what’s wrong – we get a diagnosis first

Your offer is exactly the same

Imagine if you ...

💜 Knew all of the most mission-critical elements to address which, when optimised, will supercharge your offer

💜 Had access to a ground-breaking Audit Tool designed to assess your offer for it’s ethical persuadability

💜 Could borrow the eyes and brain of someone specially trained and certified to use the tool (and yes – I had to pass some gruelling exams!), to do the assessment for you. 

💜 Could leave with an actionable list of elements to tweak and elements to add to your offer

💜 Finally had clarity, knowing exactly what to address next

First of all, my mind was blown. The knowledge that Cathy has about creating an irresistible offer is amazing.
Rebecca Hawkes
Confidence and Pricing Coach for Social Media Managers

The good news is that you can stop playing hit and miss with your offers

Private sessions with me normally START at £295

How many more hours are you likely to spend trying to get your offer to work? For the price of less than one hour of your time, you can have an actionable list of all the offer elements to tweak right in front of you


--Only 3 slots available per month--

What Do You Get?

Full Offer Audit

Personalised Video Report

Private 1-1 Debrief Call


If you've been thinking about finally abandoning your programme or offer, or are redesigning it for the hundredth time...

Now Is The Time to give yourself a break and get your offer working for you!

Because this takes me time and attention (and love 💜), I can only run 2 of these every month at this low price. Compromising the quality is not an option, so make sure you book before the slots run out

What People are saying about the Offer Audit

"Cathy was able to clearly show me the gaps in how I’m sharing my offer with actionable and impactful ways I can change it. She was also respectful and encouraging so that it felt supportive and uplifting”
Laura Coleman
Be.Modern Meditation
“Cathy brought me through a comprehensive evaluation of my membership and sales page, and what I found the most useful was her perspective and what I wasn’t seeing because I was too close to my offer.”
Chrys Tabelle
Mindful Fuel Community

Plus these bonuses!

*Bonus* Number One

*Bonus* Number Two


Cathy Simmons

Hi, my name is Cathy and I help spiritually-minded entrepreneurs create stunning online or hybrid offerings and turn them into sizzling, irresistible offers without compromising their values, through done-with-you, done-for-you and group programmes.

With a unique combination of business architecture, (ethical) business psychology and therapy (yes, I did say therapy), I support my clients with practical business design AND the  mind gremlins that so often pop up when we uplevel.

Qualifying as a therapist in 2007, after many years in Investment Banking IT and Architecture, means I have the business grounding AND the ability to do the deep work when the unconscious gremlins strike.

Over the years I’ve helped many hundreds of specialists and programme creators turn their businesses around and create even more magic in their field of specialism



That’s why I ask you to apply before asking for any money, so that I can take a look at the offer first.

Not everyone is ready for the audit. 

💜 You MUST already have an established business with an online presence, and

💜 You must have an offer ready for me to audit, and

💜 You must believe 100% in the benefits of your offer to your clients

So without commiting yourself, just answer a few straight-forward questions and if I feel the offer is not yet formed enough, I don’t want to waste time for either of us (or your money) in doing the diagnosis – but I will make some suggestions for your next step – completely free

The good news is that I do the diagnosis for you.

I’ll send you bite-sized videos that are quick and easy to watch and our one-to-one call will only take 30 minutes 

Since I’ve been doing these audits, everyone has completely loved them.  There are aha moments and pennies dropping all over the place.
It has been the first step to transforming many offers and I am so confident that it will be the same for you, that I will refund your diagnosis fee within 7 days of you receiving the videos if you even have the teensiest thing you are less than happy with.

The first step towards fixing something is knowing what to fix.
This diagnosis is this first step. I will highlight all the parts of your offer that, if tweaked, will make the biggest difference to its performance and irresistibility.
Implementing a full remedy is beyond the scope of the diagnosis.
Some people choose to take the next step to get my help to make the changes and uplevel the offer, and others are happy to do it themselves.

I put a lot of myself into these. A lot of my time, brain-power and love.
I keep the price low so that it’s an easy way for you to take the first step towards a high-performing offer.
It gives you the confidence that I know my stuff when it comes to offers and, if you love it, you may well take the next step to work with me further, either one-to-one done-with-you, or done-for-you service, or in one of my group programmes.

A compelling offer is the bedrock of your business, and it feeds into so much of your marketing and sales material including your sales page, so I’m not just reviewing your page (or offer letter), I am looking deeper at all the essential elements of a sizzling offer.
I have exclusive use of the Persuasion Audit tool, which uses a systematic and proven approach to elements of your offer that go beyond just the sales page.

Apply Now!

Rock Your Offer: Offer Diagnosis

Your first step to an Irresistible Offer

--Only 3 slots available per month--

--Only 3 slots available per month--

“By the end of our session I had SO much clarity. Clarity that I’ve been looking for for weeks. And thanks to that added clarity, I’ve been working on my offer consistently for the past week and it’s turning into something even better than I could’ve imagined all thanks to what Cathy & I discussed”

“My biggest takeaway from the session was that if I include all the things we talked about, I can have an irresistible offer that’ll practically sell itself (who doesn’t want that!) and that in order to sell the programme, I can do it in a really beautiful, authentic way that aligns with who I am.

 I don’t need to be the one that’s shouting loudest, making false promises or using fake scarcity tactics just to sign people up”

“I’m over the moon with my Audit session.  Cathy went over and beyond what I was expecting and am really looking forward to the results once I’ve implementing the changes she recommended – none of which felt overwhelming or not doable”

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