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If you know me, you probably know that I can be a bit of a geek at times. I love my techie tools and I have always loved working out how things work and how they fit together.

In fact, my first ‘proper’ job was as a programmer (seriously an amazing job – you get paid to have fun all day!), and moved through different areas of IT until I got into systems architecture, and this is where the ability to see things from the big picture, and drill right down to what that actually means in practice is essential.

In short, there’s been a bit of an architecture theme running through my life, in property, in IT and systems architecture and even in business architecture.

So, what on earth has that got to do with running a therapy practice?

It all comes down to the big AHA moment, when I realised that, whether you are talking about building a house, a big IT system, or a therapy practice; the principles are the same. The main stages of creation are the same.

For example, there’s the specification, the architecture and design, planning, the build and then the maintenance and expansion stage.

And you know, once I understood that this principle applies to building our practice, it was like everything fell into place.

It was like all of my different worlds colliding (or, to me more accurate, aligning)!!

It was like all of my different worlds colliding!!

Oh …. My…. Goodness…. This is exactly the same for running a therapy practice. And for years, without realising it, I had been using exactly the same approach to designing and architecting my own practice and those of my mentoring clients.

And you know what? My intuition is SCREAMING at me to share this more widely, in a way that can really help other therapists and give them the tools they need to design and architect their own practice and the marketing that supports it.

Because I not only love to share my architecture skills to help other therapists to create a beautiful practice, I also love to help them to find the gold inside themselves.

You have a combination of experience, passion, skills, losses, triumphs, training and capabilities that NO-ONE else has.

And this is the absolute key.

I’d love to help your different worlds to collide in a way that uncovers your uniqueness, build a powerful message and create something of beauty – your unique practice.

So here’s what I decided:-

I created a programme, which, taking a little bit every week, or even every day, can help you to design and architect your practice and the marketing around it, in a way that will help you fall back in love with it and keep you in love with it.

By doing a little every day keeps up the momentum and you’d be amazed just how much you can create in such a short time.

And I want it to be accessible – Really accessible, which means I am offering this at an incredibly affordable price, and I am feeling really excited about sharing this, more excited than I have for a long while!

It’s called The Path to Marketing Clarity

and it is ready for you right now

If you are a therapist or change worker looking for an AFFORDABLE way to get clear on your message and your marketing I would love you to join us.