After 9 months of offering online therapy in parallel with working in my office, I was so blown away by the results that I closed my office.
This video talks about some of the things to take into consideration if you are a therapist considering, or already offering your services online.

If you are considering offering your services online, there is a good chance you are wanting to make more of a difference to your clients and begin to serve them in new and wonderful ways.

Do you charge your clients by the hour or by the session right now?

Have you thought about packaging up your services, but are not entirely sure how to design and price your package?
Do you worry that you can’t package because you don’t know how many sessions they will need?
Well – I invite you to look at packaging in an entirely different way.

Download your guide to designing and crafting the perfect package, which offers your clients the best every opportunity to get the results they want, whilst allowing you to have much more security about your income as a therapist.

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