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Cathy Simmons

Turn Your Services into Sizzling, Irresistible Offers


Helping specialist therapists, healers & trainers create programmes that change lives
And turn them into Irresistible Offers
using neuromarketing & ethical buyer psychology

You know that what you do changes lives and you 100% believe in what you offer and yet…

  • You’re not quite sure how to package it all up into stunning programmes
  • Or you have a programme ready to launch and you are struggling with turning it into an irresistable offer so it sells like crazy as soon as you launch
  • Or you already have an offer, but it’s just not selling as well as you’d like.
    It’s life-changing, it’s amazing value and you’d love it to sell more

It’s Time To Rock Your Offer

Create Powerful Programmes

Turn your unique skills into powerful programmes that sell out and get amazing results for your clients

Using my unique ‘3-sweep’ approach, you can get started with a home-study course, or get the VIP treatment as we work together to capture your unique magic into programmes that sell.

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Create Sizzling, Irresistible offers

 Turn your life-changing programmes into offers that have your clients saying “OMG – YES”

Your VIP 1-1 service that will have your offers flying off the online shelves,

(even if you’ve never sold online before)

(and especially if you hate the idea of using any sleazy or icky tactics)

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Supercharge your offer

Got an offer that just isn’t selling?

Even though you know it’s life-changing?

Use the Troubleshoot and Fix ‘Remedy’ sessions to troubleshoot and supercharge your existing offers so they sell like hotcakes

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Rebecca Hawkes

Confidence and Pricing Coach for Social Media Managers

Cathy Simmons

Mentor & Business Architect

Hi, I’m Cathy, and I help specialist therapists, healers & trainers turn their life-changing services into offers that fly off the online shelves..
.. and transform existing, low-converting offers into sizzling, irresistable ones, so that their calendars start filling up with perfect clients.

Using a unique combination of Business Architecture, Business Therapy and the Psychology of ethical sales and marketing, I help them elevate their specialism to the next level of business and impact.

Qualifying as a therapist in 2007, after more years in Investment Banking IT and Architecture than I’m going to admit here, means I have helped many hundreds of therapists, healers and trainers turn their businesses around and create even more magic in their field of specialism



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I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about working with me or the services and programmes I offer. Please drop me an email at

Phone: 0207 419 7915