Cathy Simmons

Business Architect & MENTOR to Specialist Therapists, COACHES & Trainers

Helping you design and create premium programmes, packages and courses and sell more using the power of ethical online persuasion without compromising your values


As a business architect, I have the frameworks to design and grow your transformation business in a way that serves more of those who need you and brings you the financial rewards you deserve. 

As a business therapist, I have what you need to  gently release any self-sabotage, money gremlins, the visibility fears and, of course, the confidence vampires which can so often pull us down as soon as we start to put our message out there.

Bye, bye gremlins…

… so you can sell more premium packages with

OMG-Level Confidence


A powerful framework for soul-led business success


Gently release and heal the money, visibility and confidence gremlins sabotaging your total confidence in your business


Step up to the next level of a business that feeds your soul
* Branding with Archetypes,
* Niching with Soul,
* Design your Signature System.


Serve your socks off with
* A Business Model that is aligned and in flow,
* Powerful Packaging,
* Authentic Pricing
* Ethical Sales

Cathy Simmons

Hi, I’m Cathy Simmons; experienced therapist, healer and business architect to heart-led specialists and experts who are looking to make a big difference in the world and transition to the next level of their business or career.

With a Corporate background, I know what it’s like to leave a ‘safe’ job to do something you love – only it’s never exactly what you imagined is it?
The ups and downs, the highs and the uncertainties, the ‘Oh my goodness, this is fantastic’ followed quickly by the ‘I’ve no clue where my next money is coming from’.

Together we can build a solid grounding for the next level your uniqueness based on the Heal, Step Up and Serve™ Framework for Success so you can focus on what you love doing most and make the difference you long for.



With a background in IT and enterprise architecture I have the ability to be able to see everything from the high level picture, right down to the detail, and an uncanny knack of designing frameworks for people to structure their business, and get to the real soul and essence of a business that serves them and the world.

And being a QCH Practitioner™,  therapist and intuitive healer with many years experience, means that we can ensure that all of those self-sabotage gremlins are well and truly dissolved along the way.

The Heal, Step Up and Serve™ approach is not an airy-fairy concept. You are on a mission to make a difference in the world, and your business is the vehicle for change.
The very heart, soul and essence of that unique business become the foundation for business transformation and growth, within a practical framework for true, heart-centred success.


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