The Aligned Business Blueprint - from Message to Marketing

90 days to create your unique blueprint for a profitable practice with a consistent flow of ‘love-to-serve’ clients

Business Success for established Therapists & Healers using the Business for the Soul Framework

the therapy Business Lab

Aligned Business BUILDING for therapistS and Healers


Discover your Brand Archetypes

A 10 minute, free quiz to give you massive insight into the personality to project as your brand in all of your marketing materials, so you show your true gold to the world.

♥ Your archetypes instantaneously connect you with what you and your business are fundamentally about
♥ So you can finally understand and communicate your uniqueness
♥ Your dream clients will love your message
♥ Hello Mojo!

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One-Time £9

Aligned Client Clarity

If you are not 100% clear on who you serve, or fluctuate from one ideal client to another – the last thing you need is yet another ‘client-avatar’ exercise, right?
Instead, I have a very different way for you: –

A guided visualisation that will bring you face to face with your perfectly aligned client
♥ Gives you a deep level of clarity and a real feeling of knowing your dream clients
♥ A journalling exercise to bring this knowing out of your head and onto paper
♥ Creating something you can use in your marketing messaging which speaks directly to your aligned clients

Private 1-1 Online sessions From £247

1-1 Breakthrough Brainstorm Sessions

You are a coaching, therapy or healing professional, already a specialist in your field, or totally ready to make the leap,

Even through you have some aspects of your business completely nailed, there are some that are just fighting back.
Flitting between niches (that was me for ages!), not sure how to design programmes from your services or even how to choose a clear direction in your marketing.

What you are looking for is guidance from someone who specialises in the structure and design of business, someone who’s not going to say “You must do it like me”, but instead knows exactly how to tailor all aspects of business to fit with you and your clients, without having to commit to months’ of mentoring.

I have designed these Business Breakthrough sessions for exactly this purpose: To support you now with what you most need at this specific stage in your business. Choose from the options, below


From £950

Business Breakthrough Bundle

A powerful bundle of 1-1 mentoring and support with Cathy to help you design the essential foundation to support your next-level business, whether that’s

⭐Moving from generalist to specialist,
⭐Shifting to a new level of speciality or
⭐Pivoting from one niche (aka sphere of excellence) to another

The structure and message of your business needs to shift with you. I can help you do that and in this bundle I’m with you every step of the way

♥ Niche clarity
♥ Business model & product/service suite design
♥ Supporting materials provided
♥ Messenger support between sessions
♥ and love – let’s not forget love

We start with a breakthrough design and strategy half day together on Zoom, (with a break) where we map out the components of your business in a way that brings clarity and will become a beautiful blueprint for your next-level, aligned business.

During our time together you will have 2 more 1-1 90 minute Zoom sessions as we build on the blueprint

And you will get unprecedented support where most of the magic happens – between sessions I am there to support you in Messenger, Voxer or WhatsApp.
I can tell you more about how this works when we speak.

All of this is tailored for you within the flexible structure of the Business for the Soul Framework

Request a chat first so that we can find out what is the best bundle for you – there’s no pressure and if I will even recommend something else if I believe it serves you best

Private Mentoring PrOgrammes FROm £1750

Business Success Blueprint: Private Mentoring Intensive

A Blueprint for successful Business for Inspiring, Established therapists & Healers

Covering the 3 pillars of aligned business, using the Business for the Soul Framework, we work together to create your unique Business Blueprint and Marketing Map

Aligned Business Foundations
Crystal clarity on the unique brand and message you will share with the world to have you speaking directly to your dream clients in a way that has them saying ‘Yes – you’re who I want to work with’

Aligned Offerings
Uncover your unique signature system and create life-changing programmes. priced using a tried and tested approach, loved by many of my clients, so you can present your services in a way that your clients completely ‘get’ the value, without compromising your own values.

Aligned Marketing
I share the framework that underpins all marketing and using the Aligned Marketing Map tool we create your own Marketing Blueprint.
No more ‘hope’ marketing, or constantly hopping from one thing to another, you will have your own intentional marketing approach and clear path to follow.

♥ Create your ‘Soul of your Brand’ guide
Niche clarity
♥ Business model & programme design
Aligned Pricing
Your aligned Marketing Map

♥ and love – let’s not forget love

This is not for complete beginners, although I can recommend some resources if that is you.

You have been in practice for at least one or two years, and are looking to step into a specialism and move away from session-by-session pricing.

You want to get known as the go-to expert in your field and don’t know where to start.

Using a combination of pre-recorded trainings with all the supporting materials you need (we don’t want to waste precious 1-1 time with training)
PLUS private 1-1 mentoring sessions
PLUS messenger support in-between

It’s the best of all worlds

Set up a chat now to talk through whether this is perfect for you right now.

I only have limited private mentoring slots, so your first step is to click the button. below to set up a chat.
I promise you it will be pressure-free, and if I don’t think it’s the best thing for you, I will recommend something or someone to take you to the next stage.

Click that button, and let’s talk

"My vision is now a reality"

"Working with Cathy can seriously change your life for the better Things have progressed far faster than I could ever have imagined. I’m astounded that the therapists and trainers I view as experts in the field are now interested in my considered opinion. I’m sitting here grinning widely at how far I’ve come and how the future is looking even brighter. Thank you Cathy!"
Sheren Gaulbert
Chronic Pain Specialist & Trainer

Meet your Business Bestie

Hello, I'm Cathy

Business architect and consultant for coaching, therapy and healing professionals – and therapist for when the gremlins strike

It is my passion to help more business owners grow a business that is an expression of their purpose, and to that end I have trained and qualified with some of the very best in both business strategy and therapy.

With systems architecture skills gained from many years in Corporate brought into the business and marketing strategy, I bring a unique and refreshingly simple approach to marketing that is easy to grasp and can be implemented in bite-sized phases.

Captured within the Business for the Soul Framework, especially for professionals with a big vision and a big heart, I have never seen it done like this anywhere.


More sales and changing more lives – without selling your soul

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