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About Me

Hi, I’m Cathy Simmons, helping women business owners who want to make a big difference and a good living.

A pioneer of online therapy, I am also a lover or technology and total chilli addict. 

But I haven’t always been in the world of mentoring and therapy. How on earth does an IT consultant end up being a mentor to therapists?

Are you ready to take the next step?

Banking IT

I have always loved technology, and spent many years in the banking sector in the City of London, starting as a programmer, and moving through to enterprise-level systems architecture.

Who’d have thought that this architecture grounding would become so useful in my work helping therapists with their practices! (More about that later)

When I stopped smoking using hypnotherapy, my curiosity was piqued. How did that work? What happened there? How could something be so effective? How can I learn to do that?


Before I knew it, I found myself training to be a hypnotherapist with the marvellous Quest Institute (quite possibly the best training out there!!), and setting up my own therapy practice.

The first thing I wanted to do was to bring my therapy skills back into the City. Pressure is high and so is drug availability, and very soon I became known for being a drug use specialist, with a passion for helping people get free of smoking and other substances, and get their life back.


I love working with and supporting other therapists in any way I can, and so, after years of badgering from my colleagues, I brought together my framework for working with smokers, into a powerful training, ‘Get Complete Confidence working with Smokers’, to help other therapists get the success I was experiencing and, of course, to have more and more people getting free of cigarettes permanently and completely.

Mentor to Inspiring Therapists and women business owners

So, it was almost a seamless progression to start mentoring therapists and mission-led business owners and over the last few years I have worked with some very inspirational people to help take their business to a new level.

It is a joy to help them find their ‘gold’ inside – their own unique way of serving their clients and move into specialities that fire them up.

It seems to have gone full circle. Those very systems architecture skills have found a new home – as together we design and architect a practice that allows therapists to love their work, and yet sets them up for business growth and success.

The Hypnotherapy Handbook


Cathy is a contributing author to the book ‘The Hypnotherapy Handbook’, an essential guide for newly qualified hypnotherapists, where she teaches how to work in a powerful way to help smokers get free of nicotine addiction for good.


APCTC Therapist of the Year

Cathy was given the APCTC Therapist/Practitioner of the Year award in 2015 for her work with addictions and mentoring other therapists.

Are you ready to take the next step?