Core Release therapy & Healing

For entrepreneurs, leaders & experts looking for complete confidence in how they show up & serve

"Truly Life Changing"

"The world needs you... The amazing session you did for me was truly life changing. So much was released in that one session"
Jacqui Bourne
Intuitive Business Coach & Mentor for Sensitive Entrepreneurs

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Core Release® Breakthrough

Deep Transformation: FROM £275

Powerful Core Release®  to tackle any single issue that you want to deal with once and for all

♥ The self-sabotage that you are only too aware of, that no amount of ‘mindset’, affirmations or tapping is shifting.
♥ Perfectionism – the scourge of business owners wanting to create magic.
♥ Procrastination that rears its head, even when you are passionate about what you do
♥ Visibility gremlins: All you want is the confidence to speak out, and stand up as the expert you truly are

This powerful, yet gentle, approach works on two levels; both at an unconscious level and at an energetic level, which are both required to deal with your issue permanently.

🌀1 x 90 minute Zoom Core Release session to free you from the unconscious blocks and beliefs
🌀1 x 50 minute distance real-time healing to release at the levels of the physical and energetic body
🌀Messenger or Voxer support between the sessions

I can not promise that a single set will be enough – often there are many layers, but equally, there are times when a single set is all that’s needed, so get click the button below to get started.


There is absolutely no commitment to go further at this exploratory stage and if you choose to upgrade to another programme, your session will be offset against the investment in the programme – in other words, you won’t lose out


Together we can dissolve and banish the confidence stealers for good so you can step forward with confidence and own your expertise in all circumstances – and it will feel amazing.

Core Release® Next Level Breakthrough Bundle

Deep Transformation: FROM £750

A programme of powerful, 1-1 Zoom Core Release® sessions with Cathy, to work through any fears, behaviours or ways of being that are not supporting the level of CONFIDENCE and success you deserve

♥ from fears of presenting, speaking or speaking out to confident presenter
release money sabotages, upper earnings limit, and reluctance to talk about money,
♥ from  playing small when you know you are the expert to showing up with confidence and ease
from holding back in meetings or expert forums – to shining in your authority

🌀3 x 90 minute Zoom Core Release® session to free you from the unconscious blocks and beliefs
🌀1 x 45 minute distance real-time healing to release at the levels of the physical and energetic body
🌀Messenger or Voxer support between the sessions

Core Release® Deep Inner Shift Programme

A 3-month Programme of transformation for £1500

Taking one-to-one therapy and healing to the next level,

A powerful and tailored bundle of amazingness that will have you stepping into the mindspace of the leader that you are.

Click the button below to request a pressure-free chat to discuss how the Core Release® Deep Inner Shift  programme can help and so we can both know that it’s the right thing for you right now.


Your First Step

Your first step is to get on a call or Zoom, for a no-pressure conversation, in complete confidence, This is to find out if working together will get the results you are looking for, and if I don’t think I’m the best person for you, I will do my best to recommend someone or a resource that will help.

I understand that not everyone is ready for a Zoom conversation yet.
If that’s you and you still want a chat about what you are experiencing and are curious about whether Core Release® can help you, then please DM me on Messenger or Voxer. I’ll reply as soon as I can.

"Much braver, more confident..."

I realised I had some serious issues around ‘not being heard.’
It ranged from ‘not wanting to be heard’ and ‘fear of being heard’, to the belief that ‘people don’t want to hear from me’ and ‘won’t want to listen to me.’

After working with Cathy, I have noticed that I am much braver, more confident, growing stronger and much more willing to discuss topics I previously held back on. I now operate with the belief that those who can hear and want to hear me will, and those who don't, are not ready yet.

Working with Cathy has given me the courage to speak my truth
Riana Avis
Business and Money Coach

Have Questions?

I would love to answer your burning questions about working with me privately.  You can email me directly at to get in touch with your questions and I’ll reply as soon as I can.