Cathy Simmons Consulting

Core Release therapy/ Healing

Deep, yet gentle inner transformation for entrepreneurs, leaders and experts looking to banish the self-sabotage and mind-gremlins and grasp authentic success by the short and curlies

the Business Design Lab

Everything you need to design and build your unique, in-demand, specialist therapy and healing business that works for you and makes a bigger difference in the world.
Your business is unique, and so is your success blueprint

"Much braver, more confident..."

"After working with Cathy, I have noticed that I am much braver, more confident, growing stronger and much more willing to discuss topics I previously held back on.

Working with Cathy has given me the courage to speak my truth"
Riana Avis
Business and Money Coach

"Truly Life Changing"

"The world needs you... The amazing session you did for me was truly life changing. So much was released in that one session"
Jacqui Bourne
Intuitive Business Coach & Mentor for Sensitive Entrepreneurs

Have Questions?

I would love to connect and answer your any questions you have about working with me privately, or about therapy or business architecture generally.  You can email me directly at and I’ll reply as soon as I can.