Hello there, I’m Cathy

Master therapist, healer, and business mentor and trainer to therapists & healers who want a business that works

I am here to inspire you and reconnect you with your unique brilliance (trust me, you have it), your purpose in business and your unique Brand Voice that calls to your soul-level clients.

I am here to help you update and uplevel your message, your life-changing programmes and a business that gets your gifts into the world – to the people who need you most.

I am here to put a sustainable structure around your business that allows you to grow and balance your passion with the need for profit.

And when the gremlins strike (and they do), I am here to help you gently heal and dissolve them and step back into the mindspace of awesomeness.

I am here to take your beautiful ideas and make them happen in the real world, and shift your business to the next stage – the next level of impact and fulfilment

Welcome to the Cathysphere!

With a background in Corporate (investment banking IT), I know what it’s like to be ‘successful’ in a job and career and yet feel somewhat empty, even though there was a lot of it I enjoyed, deep down we know there is something more. 
So, in 2007, I qualified as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and started on a brand new journey, focusing on helping people in the City get past their recreational drug use and addiction, and the success of my practice naturally led to me supporting other therapists and transformation professionals.

Fast forward to today, with what seems like a million other qualifications, certifications and modalities under my belt, you’ll find me supporting other extablished, spiritually-minded entrepreneurs and Corporate Escapees to step into a level of business and life that fulfils their soul,

Oh – and did I mention I am a complete chilli addict? 🌶🌶

What I stand for

It’s only fair that you know the principles behind the way I work, so if you are considering working with me, or buying one of my programmes, you will know if we are a good fit or not

I am a big advocate of only selling what we 100% believe in. If we don’t know it’s the absolute best thing for our clients – how can we offer it?
And in our marketing, do we 100% believe everything we are claiming?
This can be a tough one, I’m not saying it’s easy, but this is a fantastic test and can act as a compass to let us know if we are still going in the right direction

That said, sometimes a lack of belief in our offerings is down to the  ‘I’m not good enough’ gremlins isn’t it?
So, I think it’s our responsibility to know the difference between the ‘not-good-enough’ gremlins and a genuine gap in our expertise.
Deal with the not-good-enough gremlins first, either by getting help from someone else or by using whatever approach we have adopted for ourselves.
And a gap in our expertise doesn’t always mean we have to go off and learn everything about it (although it might). It could also mean partnering up with someone else, or just reducing the scope of what you offer.
So that we are back to 100% belief in what we offer and what we say. 
And it feels so good.

Unconditional positive regard for your clients and potential clients can, at times, seem almost impossible,  So what I mean is stepping back from time to time and asking ourselves, “Is this the absolute best thing for this person?”
Some times we hold back from selling our stuff or even speaking about it because we are afraid of what people may think. And if this is the case, we need to get over ourselves (!) and start thinking about what’s best for others.
If we have something we know will be life-changing for them, isn’t it our responsibility to offer it, and to make it compelling for them?
And other times we hold back because we don’t believe enough in them. ‘They won’t commit’ or ‘they wont pay for this’.   If you find yourself thinking this, then step back and notice it.
Do we have the right to decide what a client can or can’t do?, can or can’t afford? will or won’t commit to?  Your client is a superstar and they (like everyone) are capable of great things. Let’s honour them for this.
I’m not saying I always get this right, but the key is to recognise it, step back and shift your thinking

Finally, our business self is not isolated. 

We are all mind, body and spirit, and it is ALL of us that’s in business, 
And for that reason, if you buy any of my programmes or we work together, you will find that caring for our mind, body and spirit play a big part in the way I work, as well as the very practical business side.
I love helping people design their business, to put together the pieces that make up their message, their offerings and their offers. To help with the practical side of getting these pieces in place (including the tech), and trust me – this all goes so much more smoothly when we acknowlege the whole of us. 

Here is how I can help you ...

The Business Design Lab

Beautiful Business Design and Marketing Strategy for online coaches, therapists & healing professionals who want more sales without selling their soul

The Business Design Lab covers everything from finding your perfect ‘niche’, choosing an aligned business model, designing life-changing offers – to building a marketing strategy and a phased plan to make it happen in the real world.

It’s like a magical recipe book for aligned business success harnessing the Business For The Soul™ Framework, tailored for you

The Business MindSpa

Deeply transformative Therapy and Healing especially for leaders and experts with a big vision and a big heart.

Powerful, personalised, expert help with the emotional and energetic challenges that show up whenever we uplevel, whether around money, visibility, confidence or self-sabotage.

Transforming fears, unhelpful behaviours and success sabotage into confidence, ease and flow,

to shift you and your work to a new level, using the Fearless Flow™ Process