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The Business Design Lab

Beautiful Business Design and Marketing Strategy for online coaches, therapists & healing professionals who want more sales without selling their soul

The Business Design Lab covers everything from finding your perfect ‘niche’, choosing an aligned business model, designing life-changing offers – to building a marketing strategy and a phased plan to make it happen in the real world.

It’s like a magical recipe book for aligned business success harnessing the Business For The Soul™ Framework, tailored for you

The Business MindSpa

Deeply transformative Therapy and Healing especially for leaders and experts with a big vision and a big heart.

Powerful, personalised, expert help with the emotional and energetic challenges that show up whenever we uplevel, whether around money, visibility, confidence or self-sabotage.

Transforming fears, unhelpful behaviours and success sabotage into confidence, ease and flow,

to shift you and your work to a new level, using the Fearless Flow™ Process