Supervision: Terms and Conditions

This Agreement sets out the terms and conditions relating to our work together.

(the term ‘you’ refers to the supervisee and ‘I’ and ‘me’ refers to the supervisor)

1. I ask supervisees to adhere to the Code of Ethics and Practice of the NCH/CNCH/their professional
association and, if other than the NCH on CHNC, to provide me with a written copy of that Code and of the
relevant complaints procedure.
It is important that I and the supervisee agree as to which code they operate under.

2. Ad-hoc supervision is charged at the rate agreed between us and displayed on the booking page, paid in
advance on booking or immediately after the session, by mutual agreement. Card payment is accepted.

3. The session may, on occasions, be extended by mutual agreement.

4. The session will take place on a secure, online video conferencing system.

5. Booking constitutes acceptance of these terms.

6. You may request a reschedule of an arranged session with up to 12 hours’ notice, unless there are
exceptional circumstances.

7. In the event of a no-show by you with no warning or in the event of cancellation by you with under 12
hours’ notice, I reserve the right to refuse to reschedule the appointment.

8. In the event of a re-schedule, the session must be taken within 3 calendar months of the originally booked

9. In the event of cancellation by me, with under 12 hours’ notice, I will endeavour to arrange a replacement
session at the earliest convenience and will apply a £20 discount to your next session fee.

10. Any anti-social behaviour by you will result in the immediate cessation of the session or sessions.

11. Notes will be taken throughout the sessions to aid with our work and are available to you with reasonable

12. The welfare of you and your clients is my primary concern and will only take second place if not to do so
would seriously jeopardise other members of the public or my welfare. It is your responsibility to ensure
you have answered any questions accurately.

13. I will ensure that your and your client’s confidentiality will be maintained in all but the most exceptional
circumstances and all information collected during the sessions will be protected at all times.
Information will only be disclosed without your consent under a Court Order (civil, criminal or coroner’s
court) or in circumstances where I have reason to believe that you, your clients or others may be at risk of
serious harm.

14. I am a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) and the QCHPA and registered with the
CNHC and am obliged to comply with their By-Laws and Codes of Ethics.

15. Our agreement is governed by the law of England and Wales.

16. I have an obligation under my membership of my Professional Association to continue my professional
learning and development and therefore I may share case histories with my own Supervisors and peer-
support groups. All information will be anonymised and this will not be a breach of professional